We will create a simple Rails application which uses the excellent Devise gem for authentication and the jwt gem for creating and verifying JWT tokens. Let's create a sample Rails application ...
Since token expires in 15 mins the plan is to call heartbeat endpoint once every 14 mins to refresh the token and stored in meta tags so all subsequent ajax calls can use it. The question is if there is an easy accessible api in sprint-boot-atlassian-connect-jwt which I can utilize in back-end to refresh the token?
Jul 21, 2020 · A Recap about Access Token & Refresh Token Access tokens are usually short-lived JWT Tokens, signed by your server, and are included in every HTTP request to your server to authorize the request. Refresh tokens are usually long-lived opaque strings stored in your database and are used to get a new access token when it expires. The ID Token is represented as a JSON Web Token (JWT) [JWT]. You can validate the ID Token at client side using any JWT library, but the validation rules for access tokens are different. Access Token Validation. To validate an Access Token issued from the Authorization Endpoint with an ID Token, the Client SHOULD do the following:
"refresh_token": "<dummy.refresh-jwt.token>"} Refresh. Refresh API is used to generate new access_token from the refresh token ( generated from Login API), when the ...
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