Hello Awhile ago, I was super Lucky to work out a deal on forum members Jim Fox's K-32 Pre-16 K-32 Target Masterpiece. During one of our many E-mails back and forth, Jim explained he had not found a real super accurate load for this classic .32 S&W Long Caliber in this time less classic The K-32 Target Masterpiece.
if you want develop your own 32cal hardcast pistol ammo and need a lifetime quality mold. here's a lyman#313226 to geter done! this is a 94 grain flat base single cavity mold. works with any name brand casting handles that accommodate this size mold. item is used in good working condition and being sold as-is with no reserve! thanks for looking!
* With Lyman's new DPS 3, it can be a reality. *This is the fastest powder system ever. In addition, the new Auto-Repeat Setting throws a precise charge automatically each time the pan is put in place.The DPS 3 is weighing your next charge while you're seating the bullet on your last charge.
Bullet Weight in Grains. Bullet. Powder
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