Page 2 of 4. Staff: L P 109 West Broadway - Tribeca South Historic District LPC-19-16801 - Block 146 - Lot 11 An Italianate style store and loft building built in 1860 and with the lower two floors altered prior to 1914. Application is to alter an enclosed sidewalk café and storefront,
The Gender Unicorn Female/Woman/Girl Male/Man/Boy Other Gender(s) Gender Identity Feminine Masculine Other Gender Expression Sex Assigned at Birth Female Male Other/Intersex
2. Funding of $9,167 is available in the General Fund Designated Fund Balance for Tri-Party 2012 and prior funding (account #383510) for project 51361. 3. This is a joint project with the City of Pontiac modernization of the Opdyke Road traffic for the signal at Auburn Road. 4. The FY 2012 budget be amended as follows:Mercer County, Illinois Documents available for download including forms, applications, information packets and instructions.
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